On Demand Platform: Custom Content Upload Option Now Available

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On Demand Platform: Custom Content Upload Option Now Available

Infobase is pleased to announce that Films On DemandClassroom Video On Demand, and Access Video On Demand account administrators can now add their own content to their On Demand subscriptions. It’s easy to do so, and admins have many options regarding the kind of content they choose to add. User-added content will enjoy all the same powerful features of the On Demand platform.

Option 1:
Custom Content is content account administrators create or license themselves and store on their own server. Admins can get staff involved by encouraging them to share any videos they create that feature their institution; spotlight special events, information, and tips; and showcase interesting facts about their institutions.

Here are some examples of Custom Content that can be added:

  • Library information and tips
  • Educator-created videos or videos of classes and lectures
  • Local information about community events and history
  • Videos of campus tours and about student life
  • Library/institution programming events
  • Homework help, tutoring information, project ideas
  • School trips
  • School plays, sporting events, and other special events
  • School debates, mock trials, bees, and other contests or challenges
  • Commencement or other important speeches
  • Career Center information and tips
  • Videos on timely topics such as bullying, character education, and others
  • Videos commemorating theme months and timely topics

Option 2:
Account administrators are also now able to add external video content from a wide variety of sources to their institution’s On Demand subscription. Admins have access to more than 30 educational Web Channels preselected by our Editorial team, and they can add their own custom channels as well! The Web Channel feature is turned off by default, but admins can easily activate it in the Admin Portal.

Here is a sample of the 30 preselected Web Channels:

  • Library of Congress
  • Crash Course
  • National Archives
  • Khan Academy
  • The New York Times
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • White House
  • and more!

Infobase’s award-winning On Demand streaming video platform—which includes Films On Demand for colleges and universities, Classroom Video On Demand for high schools, and Access Video On Demand for public librariesgives students and patrons instant access to outstanding documentaries, award-winning educational films, independent films, and helpful instructional videos from the library, lecture hall, dorm room, or any location with Internet access, anytime they choose.