Issues & Controversies: Help Students Understand the 2016 Election

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Issues & Controversies: Help Students Understand the 2016 Election

The 2016 election was unprecedented and unpredictable. Students are still struggling to understand the electoral process that led to the hotly debated win as well as the issues surrounding the incoming administration, the president-elect’s appointments, and past and future Supreme Court decisions. Issues & Controversies can help.

Students can turn to Issues & Controversies for clear, comprehensive, and unbiased pro/con articles on issues surrounding the presidency, politics, and conflicts in contemporary society. Discuss, debate, and analyze the issues, with articles such as:

  • Should presidents claim strong executive power?
  • Is the system used to nominate presidential candidates fair and democratic?
  • Is originalism a sound judicial ideology?
  • Should the United States adopt stronger gun control laws?
  • Should Europe and the United States accept more refugees from the Middle East and Africa?
  • Spotlight: The Electoral College

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