Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center: New Career Q&A Videos

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Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center: New Career Q&A Videos

Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center‘s Career Q&A: Professional Advice and Insight videos are a valuable feature of our award-winning career research database. In this series of video interviews with working professionals across multiple industries, viewers get a no-nonsense account of what it’s like to work in specific careers, along with candid advice for success.

The latest update to Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center adds 38 new Career Q&A videos—bringing the total number to more than 70—including corporate community relations directors, family lawyers, library directors, sports photographers, occupational therapists, political reporters, pilots, animators, and many more.

In each Career Q&A video, the interviewee answers 10 questions, covering the main duties of the job, how he or she got started in that career, keys to success, required education or training, the workplace atmosphere, a typical day on the job, the industry’s main goals and challenges, advice to young people entering the profession, and a look to the future. The interviewees hail from a range of locations all over the country and include a mix of seasoned pros and younger workers.

There are several easy ways to access the Career Q&A videos. Users can either click on the “Career Q&A Videos” link on the right-hand side of the home page to access a full list of the available Q&A videos, select from the “Explore Industries & Careers” drop-down menu at the top of each page, or click on the “Watch Career Q&A Video” icon that displays at the top of those Profession Profiles pages that include a Career Q&A video. The segments in each video are conveniently listed to the right of the video player, making it easy to go directly to a specific part of the video.