Classroom Video On Demand: The Presidential Election, Handling School Stress, and More

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Classroom Video On Demand: The Presidential Election, Handling School Stress, and More

This election year is all about making history, and students will be following it carefully, both for assignments and to prepare for the future. Infobase’s Classroom Video On Demand streaming video service can help, with quick video recaps of the candidate’s acceptance speeches from the Republican and Democratic conventions and landmark televised presidential debates from 1960 to 2012. Plus, counselors and students will give high marks to our insightful titles on coping with school stress, while classic programs featuring authors of color give context to Banned Books Week.

Subscribers can also explore the new, complete calendar (accessible via the menu in the header, top left of any page in the platform) for the year’s milestones, holidays, and events—a great source for programming ideas throughout the year.

Presidential Election Coverage

Get your students ready for the presidential debates by inviting them to check out the acceptance speeches of both Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton Promises to Build a “Better Tomorrow”) and Donald Trump (Trump Accepts GOP Nomination, Lays Out “Law and Order” Platform). Also, let them watch history unfold with the U.S. Presidential Election Debates Series, a collection of televised debates from 1960 to 2012.

Coping with School Stress

With the new school year comes new opportunities for stress among students, from meeting deadlines for assignments to passing exams to facing pressure from parents to succeed. Direct your students to our insightful guidance titles on coping with school stress, including titles such as Navigating School Pressures: The Adolescent World, Help! I’m Stressed!, and Managing School-Related Anxiety: Reaching Teens.

Banned Books Week, September 25–October 1

Help celebrate the freedom to read with classic programs profiling notable authors of color—including Toni Morrison (Toni Morrison: In Black and White), Richard Wright (Richard Wright: Black Boy), and Alice Walker (Alice Walker: In Black and White)—whose works are often challenged.


About Classroom Video On Demand:

Classroom Video On Demand serves the specific needs of students who are preparing for college, by providing top-quality video across the entire high school curriculum, including life skills and guidance. It’s ideal for high schools that want targeted content, tailored specifically to their level, rather than a collection that pools the entire range of K–12 content into one platform.