Classroom Video On Demand: Go Google with Classroom Video On Demand!

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Classroom Video On Demand: Go Google with Classroom Video On Demand!

Classroom Video On Demand is now fully integrated with Google Apps for Education (GAFE), a core suite of productivity applications for schools and educational institutions. These new tools–which are offered at no additional cost to customers–will encourage even greater student engagement by enabling students and educators to easily access and use Classroom Video On Demand content in reports, projects, and classes.

The Share to Google Classroom option lets users incorporate content from Classroom Video On Demand into Google Classroom with the click of a button. Content can be shared to Google Classroom by clicking on the “Share” link, and then on “Share to Google Classroom,” either on the search results page or from the video player page.

Google Sign-In allows users to access Classroom Video On Demand with their Google credentials. Benefits of linking a user’s Google account with their Classroom Video On Demand user account include one-click login access to the platform using the “Sign in with Google” button. This feature must be turned on by the subscriber’s account administrator in order to make it available for users.

Also as part of the full integration with GAFE, Classroom Video On Demand offers Chrome web store apps that can be added to a user’s Chrome browser apps dashboard page. This option must be set up by the subscriber’s account administrator. Benefits include quick, direct access to the platform, bypassing the login page, via the user’s Chrome browser apps dashboard page.

The Share to Google Classroom and Google Sign-In options are also offered for Learn360 and for selected Infobase databases: Health Reference CenterAmerican History OnlineModern World History OnlineAfrican-American History OnlineAmerican Indian History OnlineAncient and Medieval History Online, and Science Online.