Five Library Podcasts for Exploring Careers in Libraries

Five Library Podcasts for Exploring Careers in Libraries

Podcasts are a medium that can be helpful with career readiness. Do you need to know how it is to be a librarian? If you are interested in learning about your favorite library or archival worker’s pathway to the field, then listening to a podcast might be what you need. There are a good amount of podcasts that discuss library topics. In this blog post, I will discuss some library podcasts that can help you prepare for a career in librarianship. Also, these podcasts can give you some instruction tips and other advice on how to be a successful library worker. Lastly, some of these library podcasts discuss some critical topics like burnout, racial battle fatigue, and so much more. 

Aspiring Librarians Should Check Out These Five Podcasts:

  • The first library podcast that I subscribed to was #FixMyLibrary. The hosts Kaetrena Davis Kendrick and La Loria Konata discuss relevant and current topics about library workers and libraries and give their “fix” to the situation(s). 
  • The podcast LibVoices showcases Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) who work in the library and archives. The hosts Amanda M. Leftwich, Jamia Williams, and Jamillah Gabriel have interviewed BIPOC library and archival workers doing great work. 
  • Pa Ja Yang and Andy Draheim created Libraries in Bloom, which showcases various nontraditional voices of people from diverse backgrounds. Some topics discussed are racial equity and inclusion. 
  • The Skillset Podcast is a library issues podcast from the University of South Carolina School of Information Science, the Augusta Baker Endowed Chair, the South Carolina Center for Community Literacy, and in partnership with Publishers Weekly. This podcast explores a variety of topics like mindfulness, people-centered service, and so much more. 
  • The last podcast to highlight is The Librarian’s Guide to Teaching podcast, hosted by Amanda Piekart and Jessica Kiebler. This podcast gives teaching tips and tricks. If you are looking to explore a different tool or instruction strategy, then this podcast will be helpful. ​​

During this COVID-19 pandemic, many people have launched podcasts; consider exploring library-specific podcasts to get you ready for a career in librarianship. And if you are in librarianship, these podcasts can be helpful to sharpen your skills or a way to explore a topic that will expand your knowledge.

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