Trending Professional Development Topics in Our New Reality for Public Libraries

Trending Professional Development Topics in Our New Reality for Public Libraries

As we continue to grapple with the trials of social distancing and the realities of a COVID-19 world, many public library patrons (and librarians alike!) are taking this opportunity to better themselves, whether it’s through broadening their professional skill sets or researching how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. 

Infobase is offering courses that can engage your patrons and help them continue lifelong learning through remote access, especially through this complex situation. Online professional development is a great resource to help your patrons sharpen their skills. In fact, usage on Infobase’s professional development platform has increased by 200% in the last few months. Check out the current trending top course topics.

1. Technology Training

Many people are adopting new technologies to adjust their daily activities to our new reality. We help scale these efforts to ensure they are prepared to leverage technology tools to actively engage in the learning and research process. It is no surprise we are seeing thousands of researchers take advantage of courses covering Google (Drive, Slides, etc.), Zoom training, and Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

2. Information Security and Digital Literacy

Digital literacy helps build skills to positively engage in digital citizenship. Infobase helps you empower your patrons with the knowledge and approach they need to use technology responsibly while protecting their information.


3. Social and Emotional Well-Being

Course topics surrounding SEL, including titles such as Emotional Wellbeing and Stress Reduction Strategies and Connecting Through Vulnerability, have significantly increased in traffic over the past couple of months. These courses can help patrons of all ages—including and especially the young ones—learn to understand and manage emotions, show empathy for others, establish positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

4. Career Skills

Whether you are working in an office, working remotely, or seeking employment, now is a perfect time to brush up on your skills. Career skills training is available to help patrons (and librarians alike!) be successful and gain confidence in today’s workplace. Within the library of courses, you will find resources to help with communication, listening, holding effective meetings, time management, and more.


Online professional development is a key resource to help people find success and achieve important life goals. Through this challenging time, Infobase remains committed to providing support through relevant, outcome-based professional learning experiences.

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