New Women in STEM Careers Podcast: How to Turn STEM Passion Into a Profession

New Women in STEM Careers Podcast: How to Turn STEM Passion Into a Profession

Incoming Abbott intern Allison Huckins, who is majoring in chemical engineering at Michigan State University, is the latest host on Shaping the Future of STEM. In episode 5, How to Turn STEM Passion Into a Profession, Allison speaks with Yen Ling Low, divisional vice president of Scientific and Medical Affairs for Abbott Nutrition Research and Development, about women’s limitless capacity to pursue STEM careers. Listen as Yen Ling and Allison discuss a number of topics, including what they wished they knew about nutrition as a child, what you learn outside the textbook by working internationally, and the importance of creating more female role models in STEM. 

Shaping the Future of STEM

We’ve partnered with Abbott to showcase its groundbreaking new podcast series: Shaping the Future of STEM. As a global health technology company that recruits world-class scientists and engineers, Abbott knows women are critical to solving the world’s biggest problems with smart, imaginative thinking. In each episode of this unique 6-part series, female Abbott interns interview female Abbott scientists and engineers at the top of their field. You’ll learn firsthand about topics such as:

  • Paths to STEM careers
  • Challenges women may face in STEM and how to overcome them
  • Why working in STEM is rewarding
  • Exploding science lab projects!
  • And much more!

This free, 6-part podcast series is perfect for STEM faculty and staff, career and guidance counselors and other student advisors, diversity and inclusion personnel, librarians, parents, students, and anyone else interested in changing the face of STEM and learning about the important role women will have in doing so.

We’ll share each new podcast in the series as it’s released throughout 2021—check back for new episodes! Or, you can listen, download, and subscribe to Abbott’s podcast channel on Apple Podcasts and/or Spotify. Learn more about Abbott

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