New Bloomberg QuickTake Videos Added to Issues & Controversies

New Bloomberg QuickTake Videos Added to Issues & Controversies

More than 20 new QuickTake Videos have been added to the award-winning Issues & Controversies database. The new QuickTake videos cover a broad range of critical topics and conflicts in contemporary society.

Bloomberg QuickTake videos as seen on the Issues & Controversies database

Topics covered by the new Bloomberg QuickTake Videos include:

  • Merits and Pitfalls of a $15 Minimum Wage
  • Bitcoin’s Future?
  • Why Economists Don’t Care About the Debt
  • Gambling Is Changing American Institutions
  • Can We Overcome Pandemics?
  • China’s Big Construction Project
  • Imprecise Climate Terms
  • The Space Race Is Back
  • Where Will the Shale Revolution Carry America?
  • Should the Agriculture Industry Be More Regulated?
  • The Menace of Air Pollution
  • Power of TikTok Shown to Boost Sales
  • And more!

Produced by Bloomberg, one of the most respected names in media, these short overview videos are perfect for educators seeking to introduce a new topic or lesson to their class. They are also an ideal resource for students beginning their research on a new subject to help them understand its background and significance. Every QuickTake is linked to relevant pro/con articles throughout the database.

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