Thank You! Session 1: How COVID-19 Placed a Spotlight on the Inequalities in America’s School System

Watch part 2 of this series with Derris Hawkins-Smith:

Session 2: Are We There Yet? A Discussion about Next Steps for Black America, 2021 and Beyond

The past year saw no shortage of political and social protests and unrest that underline how much work still needs to be done in the name of racial justice and equity. In this second part of a two-session webinar series, join expert Derris Hawkins-Smith for a thoughtful discussion about the state of Black America today and a look at the crucial steps that must be taken on the path forward.

This webinar discusses:

  • The Black Lives Matter movement and calls to “defund the police”/”defend the police”
  • The Black vote: Are we getting a return on our investment?
  • Representation matters, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion


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