Thank You! Infobase Quick Hits: Information Literacy for First-Year Instruction: Webinar

Infobase Quick Hits: Information Literacy for First-Year Instruction: Webinar

How do you build successful academic researchers? By first teaching them what academic research is. Start with teaching the basics of information literacy and building critical-thinking skills, and then let them begin to explore. But, how can you fit successful IL instruction into a crowded course load and curriculum? Where can you find materials to build critical thinkers? Join us for a brief presentation to see how Infobase can support the basics.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How librarians and educators can provide information literacy instruction asynchronously with more than 100 simple plug-and-play modules covering everything from academic integrity, recognizing bias, and lateral reading to proper citation techniques using Information Literacy – Core (also known as InfoLit – Core).
  • How building critical-thinking skills is supported by both InfoLit – Core and Issues & Controversies.

Learn more about:

Credo InfoLit–Core
Issues & Controversies

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Information literacy is a lifelong learning skill and is vital to success in one’s personal, professional, and academic life. Infobase’s authoritative content, tools, and technology offer strategies to learn new skills and deepen one’s overall knowledge base. Check out products that support and improve digital citizenship, news literacy, identifying misinformation, and critical-thinking and research skills, plus election coverage and much more. LEARN MORE.

Enjoy the Webinar!