Infobase K12 Spotlight: SOURCE REFERENCE Part 1—Content: Webinar

Infobase K12 Spotlight: SOURCE REFERENCE Part 1—Content: Webinar

Source Reference is an integrated research and information literacy skill development platform containing curated reference content, instructional videos, and tutorials—the ideal starting point for any research project or information literacy course. This first part of the Spotlight on Source Reference 2-part series, discusses the native content available within Source Reference: publishers, content, Research Skill Builder videos and tutorials, thousands of images, and lots more.

The best reference content from the best reference publishers is your best first step in your PRE-search efforts. Learn how Source Reference can enhance students’ research projects and sharpen their research skills.

In this session, you will take away:

  • Knowledge of all content available within Source Reference.
  • Suggestions and tips for bringing these publications into your lessons.
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