Bloom’s Literature: Now a Modern Library Awards Platinum Honoree!

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Bloom’s Literature: Now a Modern Library Awards Platinum Honoree!

Infobase is proud to announce that the acclaimed Bloom’s Literature database has been awarded Platinum Distinction in the 2020 Modern Library Awards (MLAs)!

This distinction was based on the judgments of the LibraryWorks readership—80,000 library professionals across all types of libraries—who were asked a series of questions regarding quality, functionality, value, customer service experience, and overall satisfaction. On a scale of 1 to 10 ranking overall satisfaction, with 1 being “least satisfied” and 10 “most satisfied,” Bloom’s Literature scored a 9.33.

“This is a very comprehensive literary resource and our library is fortunate to have it as a part of our offerings,” one judge commented. “Over the years that we have had this subscription Infobase has added a significant amount of information and has re-designed the user interface to make navigation easy to use. The Shakespeare Center, full text classics and poems, videos, themes, and of course the Bloom’s essays are extremely useful to high school and college students. The technical and account support received is excellent and our library highly recommends them.”

Bloom’s Literature has won many awards over the years, including The ComputED Gazette‘s Best Educational Software Award (BESSIES) and Education Software Review Award (EDDIES), plus it has been one of Library Journal’s Best Database selections.

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