Improved Playlist Interface and More Added to Learn360

Improved Playlist Interface and More Added to Learn360

We are pleased to announce that exciting enhancements have been added to Learn360! The ultimate streaming media platform now boasts easier playlist creation, faster access to relevant content with improved search features, and much more.

Learn360’s New Enhancements Include:

  • Improved responsive design—optimized for computer, tablet, and mobile
  • New playlist editing interface
  • Enhanced searching makes it even easier to find the exact content you’re looking for, including:
    • improved content tabs
    • locked filter display during scrolling
    • prominently displayed filters in Advanced Search
    • New predictive results for count display and filtering
  • Improved standards interface
  • Improved speed and page load times
  • New saving and notification options throughout

Plus, a wealth of new content from PBS is coming soon!

What Is Learn360?

Learn360 is a vetted, easy-to-use media library that is correlated to standards, organized for educators, and full of K–12 content from the industry’s top producers. Learn360 serves more than 22 million students in 26,900+ schools across the United States and Canada and remains the #1 choice for our many long-term subscribers.

Try Learn360 today!Learn360 includes a wide range of exciting, current, and diverse content and features that make it a powerful tool for flipped classrooms, blended instruction, project-based learning, and 1:1 environments. The customizable features help you control what users see. Teachers can use this versatile resource to find content for lesson plans, to introduce topics, as assignments, and much more. Students can use Learn360 independently for research, homework help, or self-directed learning; to enhance projects and assignments; or even just for fun.

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