Issues & Controversies: Featured Controversy—Brexit

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Issues & Controversies: Featured Controversy—Brexit

Featured in Issues & Controversies:
BREXIT: Will Leaving the European Union Benefit the United Kingdom?

The European Union is a bloated, undemocratic organization corrosive to national sovereignty. Brexit will allow the United Kingdom to boost its economic competitiveness, reassert control over its borders, and free itself of burdensome regulations.

Membership in the European Union (E.U.) has been a boon to the United Kingdom, and leaving will damage its economy and diminish its standing on the world stage. The campaign to leave the E.U. was built on xenophobia and lies, and the United Kingdom should hold a second referendum.

Let your students review the facts and decide for themselves: Will leaving the European Union benefit the United Kingdom? Be sure to check out Issues & Controversies’ complete and unbiased coverage of this divisive issue. Enhance the debate with the discussion questions, “By the Numbers” data, primary sources, audio and video content, infographics, editorials, and newsfeed that are linked to the article.

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