Solution Showcase: Personalize Your Professional Learning

Solution Showcase: Personalize Your Professional Learning

Personalized and in-depth professional learning opportunities foster effective teachers, engaged parents, and prepared students. Professional development has moved away from the sit-and-get learning style and pivoted towards interactive, outcome-based learning. Infobase provides districts the ability to take online instructional content to the next level. With our 100,000+ hours of professional learning content, Infobase provides a robust, high-quality, and customizable library of content to help drive your initiatives forward. To take our individual modules deeper, we have created comprehensive learning pathways. These are groupings of individual modules that guide learners through a well-rounded and in-depth study of a specific topic.

Pathway topics range from Strategies for Systemic Support for Students and Research Insights Specific to Some African American Student Experiences to Illustrator Creative Cloud 2018 Essentials. With over 40 pathways and growing, we are continually adding relevant content to our library so that educators can continue to have access to the most applicable resources. A program leader can also completely create their own pathway, pulling in various modules from our library or creating their own content to include within the pathway.

Our pathways, a group of modules around a similar topic, also grant learners’ the ability to earn micro-credentials on that specific topic. This sustained way to badge initiatives gives program administrators an outlet to deliver, manage and store all of learners’ micro-credentials. Additionally, leaders are able to customize and create their own micro-credentials based on their school and district initiatives. They can also badge a pathway they have created on their own.

Micro-credentials within professional learning not only gives learners an extra sense of accomplishment, but it gives them the opportunity to self-promote and position themselves as an expert on a topic.

In-depth and comprehensive professional learning is crucial in the preparedness and success of educators. It provides the opportunity to stay up on relevant teaching principles, new technology integrations and meaningful ways to personalize learning for their students, among many others. Infobase is committed to supporting the on-going learning of educators and our pathways and micro-credentials provide a solution to take their learning to the next level.

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