Teach Elementary Students about “Technology & You”

Teach Elementary Students about “Technology & You”

Teacher showing elementary students things you can do with tablets

Children are introduced to new technologies—especially digital devices, like phones and tablets—at younger and younger ages. One study found that, of a group of parents with a child under 12, more than one-third said that their child started interacting with a smartphone before age 5. As this continues to happen, the need to integrate technology awareness, literacy, and fluency into the elementary curriculum becomes more imperative. This includes teaching the history of modern technologies as well as their benefits and dangers. But how can you introduce these topics to a younger audience? 

The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary—a fun reference database that helps young children develop online research skills—now has a new topic area students can explore that can help them become more thoughtful technology users and digital citizens: “Technology & You.” Written with older elementary students in mind, this new section includes coverage on these important topics: 

  • The Rise of Technology: Learn about the Industrial Revolution, the Information Age, and today’s technologies.
  • History of the Computer: Read about the first computers along with brief histories of IBM, Microsoft, and Apple.
  • Technology as We Know It: Learn about email, the internet, cell phones, cloud computing, computer animation, and printing (including 3D printing). 
  • Using Technology: Get crucial information about using online technology wisely, including online etiquette, blogging, social media, information literacy, and cyber safety.
  • Technology for Everyday Life: Read about the technologies we use (and sometimes take for granted) everyday, including social media apps, maps and GPS technology, video and music streaming, and call and text services. 

Technology & You from The World Almanac for Kids Elementary

Each of the articles comes with full-color illustrations and photos that bring the subject matter to life. Students will also find Fun Facts articles such as “The First Computer” and “Fun Facts about Video Games” as well as videos on cybercrime, robot soccer, the ENIAC, and more. 

"Robot Soccer" video, available from The World Almanac for Kids Elementary

Other New Topics for Kids to Explore

The World Almanac for Kids Elementary is frequently updated and expanded with new topics that will capture students’ interest. In addition to Technology & You, some of our latest new topics include: 

  • Sports Awards & Records: Find facts and figures on popular professional sports in the U.S. and around the world, including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey as well as both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Fun Facts articles, high-interest sports videos, and biographies of popular sports figures are also included. 
  • Phonics: Learn about vowels and consonants, vowel sounds (including short and long vowels, r-controlled vowels, and diphthongs), consonant blends (such as cl, br, and sk), digraphs (like ph, wh, and ck), word families, and more with full-color articles, Fun Facts, videos specially selected by our editors, and printable handouts teachers can use in their classrooms.

Two new topic areas on The World Almanac for Kids Elementary: Sports Awards & Records and Phonics

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