More STEM Content Added to The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary

More STEM Content Added to The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary

Young student building an object for science class

STEM education—science, technology, engineering, and math—is crucial at any age, and some studies suggest that even young children can pick up on scientific concepts much more easily than previously thought. It is important to build a solid science and math baseline as early as elementary school to help students take on more complex instruction as they get older. 

If you’re looking for a solid resource that can help educate and inspire young science and math students, then look no further than The World Almanac for Kids® Elementary. Specifically targeted to elementary school students, this exciting, fun, award-winning resource provides a wealth of elementary-level content—including engaging illustrated articles, videos, interactives, Fun Facts, and more—in a colorful, kid-friendly format perfect for helping young children develop online research skills. Educators will also appreciate the helpful teacher resources they’ll find, including worksheets, graphic organizers, and classroom management forms, plus science diagrams and projects to help reinforce lessons in a fun and engaging way.

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Table of Contents

Find These Math and Science Subjects

The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary covers a wide range of math and science topic areas in a format perfect for young learners, including:

  • Addition
  • Animal Adaptations
  • Birds
  • Division
  • Earth
  • Energy
  • Fish & Aquatic Life
  • Flowers, Plants & Trees
  • Forces & Motion
  • Geometry
  • Habitats in Our World
  • Insects, Spiders & Worms
  • Mammals
  • Matter
  • Measurement
  • Multiplication
  • Our Senses
  • Reptiles & Amphibians
  • Solar System
  • Sound & Light
  • Subtraction
  • Time and Money
  • Weather & Climate
  • …and more!

Two New STEM Subjects Added

In addition to those listed above, two brand-new topic areas have just been added:

Math: Place Value

This new math module includes nine articles designed to help young students understand why place value is important, different place value models, how to use place value to round and compare numbers, and place value with decimals. The module is supplemented with helpful charts, Fun Facts articles, and related videos and games, as well a variety of printable handouts.

Math: Place Value in The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary

Life Cycles 

This new science module includes articles to help students understand the difference between living and nonliving things and what a life cycle is. Students will find articles detailing 10 different life cycles: sunflower, apple tree, chicken, fish, frog, sea turtle, butterfly, grasshopper, dog, and deer. 

Life Cycles in The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary

It’s Not Just STEM

The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary also covers a host of other subjects that encompass the entire elementary curriculum. Students and educators will find engaging articles, videos, interactives, Fun Facts, and teacher resources on language and writing, being a good citizen, government, health and nutrition, social studies, geology, and holidays, plus bullet biographies of notable and famous people in history and today. 

Watch the below video to learn how The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary can help your students develop online research skills: 

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