Jump-Start Research with African-American History’s New Topic Centers

Jump-Start Research with African-American History’s New Topic Centers

Infobase’s acclaimed African-American History database covers more than 500 years of the African-American experience and is an essential resource for exploring African-American history and culture. Three brand-new Topic Centers on important subjects were just added to the 14 already on the platform, offering fresh new entry points into the content and ways to dig deeper into the subject matter.

What are Topic Centers?

African-American History’s editorially curated Topic Centers feature specially selected, authoritative content—including articles, primary sources, sharable slideshows, timelines, maps and charts, videos, and more—on specific eras and subjects in African-American history, providing valuable study guides and starting points for research.

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The three new Topic Centers in African-American History are:

African-American Heritage

The African continent is now recognized as the birthplace of humanity and the cradle of civilization. By the 15th century, Africa was already home to a great diversity of cultures. Some of the world’s great empires and civilizations, such as Kush, Axum, and Mali, flourished in Africa in the years before European intervention and the transatlantic slave trade. Students and researchers studying these great empires will find the African-American Heritage Topic Center an excellent place to start.

Black Contributions to America 

American history resonates with the achievements of great African-American men and women, though their efforts often went unacknowledged. The new Black Contributions to America Topic Center allows students and researchers to explore the significant contributions African Americans have made to America and the world, and the daunting challenges they have faced.

Landmark Court Cases

There have been many important court cases in African-American history. Some of the court decisions, like Plessy v. Ferguson, have been detrimental to the battle for equal rights, while others, like Brown v. Board of Education, led to great strides forward in the fight to end discrimination. Learn more about the most pivotal cases in African-American history from Amistad to the Bakke case and more with this Topic Center. 

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