Police Brutality and Reform: A Featured Controversy from Issues & Controversies

Police Brutality and Reform: A Featured Controversy from Issues & Controversies

Featured in Issues & Controversies:
POLICE BRUTALITY AND REFORM: Does Policing in the United States Need to Fundamentally Change?

Does policing in the United States need to fundamentally change? Be sure to check out Issues & Controversies’ complete and unbiased coverage of this divisive issue. Here is a sample of the pro/con arguments on both sides of the issue.

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Police officers regularly abuse, harass, and brutalize Americans, particularly black men, without repercussion. Demilitarization, body cameras, bias training, accountability for bad cops, and limits on when officers can use force are all necessary reforms. Governments should defund and downsize police departments and shift those resources to services that actually help the public.

Reports of widespread police brutality are exaggerated, and charges of pervasive racism in law enforcement are simply unfounded. Only rarely do officers use excessive force, though they must often make instant decisions in tense situations. Defunding police departments will only endanger the impoverished, minority neighborhoods activists proclaim they want to protect.

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