Help Teens Learn Financial Literacy with Omnigraphics

Help Teens Learn Financial Literacy with Omnigraphics

teenager gaining financial literacy by reading Omnigraphics' Teen Finance Series

You’ve heard about information literacy, diversity and racial literacy, and science literacy before, but how about financial literacy? Understanding how money works, from how to maintain a budget to the basics of investment, is crucial to both surviving and thriving in the modern world. However, many young Americans don’t get an adequate amount of financial education in school. The results are alarmingly evident when you look at the statistics: a recent survey from the National Financial Educators Council shows that 38% of individuals lost at least $500 in 2022 due to a lack of financial literacy—including 15% who said it set them back by $10,000 or more! 

A lack of financial literacy can lead to bad credit, excessive debt, and even bankruptcy or foreclosure. Don’t let your students become statistics. Give them a solid head start on finance with Omnigraphics’ Teen Finance Series

Give Teens the Financial Advice They Need  

Available through the Teen Reference eBook Collection and also on Source Reference, the Teen Finance Series from Omnigraphics is designed to help students understand basic economic principles and learn how these principles apply to their own lives. Authoritative, well-organized, and easy to use, each volume in this series presents topics designed to help teens develop the skills necessary to manage their money wisely and plan for a secure financial future. 

Students will find articles written in a straightforward, easy-to-read style, with headings, sidebars, definitions, and illustrations that break up the text and convey facts in different ways. Teens and other readers will find the volumes in the Teen Finance Series to be excellent resources for reference, research, and personal information.

The Teen Finance Series, available through the Teen Reference eBook Collection and also on Source Reference

Titles in the Teen Finance Series include: 

  • Cash, Credit and Credit Repair Information for Teens, 4th Ed.: provides a look at how teens can earn and manage money, as well as practical information about receiving income and budgeting.
  • College Financing Information for Teens, 4th Ed.: provides information about planning, paying, and the options available for postsecondary education. It also explains college costs and describes practical steps middle and high school students can take to begin to prepare themselves for meeting future challenges. (This title won “Best Resource for Youth” in the 2018 SLC/ARBA Awards!)
  • Debt Information for Teens, 4th Ed.: offers information about economic fundamentals that impact personal finances and ways to manage money and explains how to develop a personal budget and save for future goals.
  • Earning and Employment Information for Teens, 2nd Ed.: provides insights into the world of work for teens, offering the reader information on child labor laws, safety aspects for young workers, and a snapshot of teen labor participation.
  • Financial Independence Information for Teens, 1st Ed.: offers information on expanding teen financial literacy and transitioning into adulthood, including career-planning, creating and living within a budget, and planning for the future in order to meet financial and educational goals.
  • Financial Literacy Information for Teens, 1st Ed.: outlines the principles of earning, spending, and managing money, including information about financial goals and budgeting.
  • Personal and Automobile Loan Information for Teens, 1st Ed.: offers financial literacy advice for teens to deal with loans and credits, providing basic information about various loan options available for teens and talking extensively about the procedures and risks involved in personal and automobile loans.
  • Savings and Investment Information for Teens, 4th Ed.: provides information to help young adults learn how to develop the habit of saving money and investing for the future and explains how the economy works and how factors such as interest rates and inflation impact personal wealth.

What Is Omnigraphics? 

Omnigraphics, an Infobase company, is widely known for providing comprehensive subject coverage with 75+ easy-to-navigate Sourcebooks on specific health disorders and diseases in the Health Reference Series, the Disability Series, the Teen Health Series, and many others. 

Where Can I Find Omnigraphics’ Teen Finance Series?

The Omnigraphics Teen Reference eBook Collection provides teens with the content they need to grow into healthy, balanced adults in a format they can access anytime, anywhere. In addition to the Teen Finance Series, users will also find the complete Omnigraphics’ Teen Health Series, a leading resource for librarians, patrons, teachers, and students who are looking for medical information that is authoritative, well-organized, and easy to use.

The Teen Finance Series is also among the more than 550 top-tier reference titles curated for grades 6–12 you can find in Source Reference, an easy-to-use reference platform that can help students start their research while building better research skills—an excellent resource for teaching information literacy

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