Appreciate Teachers All Year-Round with The Mailbox® Plus

Appreciate Teachers All Year-Round with The Mailbox® Plus

"Thank you, teacher" on a chalk board

Do you remember an inspirational teacher? It’s a rare person who can’t recall several educators who impacted their lives positively. Teachers do so much for us, and it’s well past time to say, “Thank you.”

We at Infobase know being a teacher is a challenging job. With many teachers getting fewer than 40 minutes a day to plan lessons, the best gift we can give them is the gift of time. That’s why we offer The Mailbox® Plus

With The Mailbox® Plus, you can help teachers at your institution save time and energy by offering them access to 52,000+ fun and engaging ideas, activities, and worksheets that can help inspire students’ imaginations while teaching essential skills.

Take a look below for some examples of resources you can find on The Mailbox® Plus


Whether teachers are looking for whole group activities or centers, it will be easy for them to find what they’re looking for with our advanced search feature. That means finding this springtime language arts kindergarten center was a snap! Check out “Birds and Words” below. 

Birds and Words on The Mailbox® Plus


Skill-based worksheets are an important way for teachers to reinforce and monitor learning. We know that they’re even better with engaging formats and characters, like this one from The Mailbox® Plus. What’s the Buzz? This bee-themed punctuation worksheet for Grade 1!

What's the Buzz on The Mailbox® Plus

Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers can help students organize information, plan narrative writing, compare and contrast ideas, and more! Fortunately, we have tons of them on The Mailbox® Plus! This graphic organizer helps students analyze the main character of a story. What a treasure!

Rich Relationships Graphic Organizer from The Mailbox® Plus

Patterns & Cards

To help teachers save time creating activities, we provide cards, patterns, booklets, and more! (Many of our options are in both color and black and white!) These fabulous frog cards are programmable, so teachers can type letters, numbers, math problems, or words before printing.

Programmable Frog Cards from The Mailbox® Plus

Make & Print Tools

Create your own word cards, sentence cards, name cards, bingo games, and spelling lists (with activity options you can select), as well as instant forms, math tools, and language arts tools. You can use these tools to create what you need and add colorful and fun borders—or no border at all! If your institution subscribes to The Mailbox® Plus, your teachers can access these tools on the home page. 

Make & Print Tools from The Mailbox® Plus

***And the best part? You get new content every month!

Try The Mailbox® Plus

For 50 years, The Mailbox® has been the leader in providing teacher-created ideas that work. Now, your entire institution can have unlimited, simultaneous access to this incredible, growing collection at one low price. The Mailbox® Plus is packed with 52,000+ fun and engaging ideas, activities, and worksheets that are teacher-created, teacher-tested, and educationally sound—all carefully planned and edited by an in-house team of former teachers. Plus, new content is posted every month, with skills and topics right when teachers need them.

Don’t have a subscription? Try The Mailbox® Plus today! 

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