Thank You! Election 2020: Facts, Stats, and Historical Context—Inform Your Debates with Infobase: Webinar

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Information literacy is a lifelong learning skill and is vital to success in one’s personal, professional, and academic life. Infobase’s authoritative content, tools, and technology—including training, teaching, and assessment resources; trustworthy news services; research databases and video products; and much more—offer strategies to learn new skills and deepen one’s overall knowledge base. Check out products that support and improve digital citizenship, news literacy, identifying misinformation, and critical-thinking and research skills, plus election coverage and much more. Get easy, OPEN TRIAL ACCESS through Nov. 20, 2020.

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News Literacy Workshop: Step-by-Step Strategies for Educating Your Students

Learn to separate the news from the noise! Expert Vanessa Otero, CEO of Ad Fontes Media, presents four engaging, interactive webinar sessions on all aspects of news literacy—find out how to navigate the news and help your students do the same. Plus, accompanying blog articles reinforce and elaborate on the material covered in each webinar session.

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