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Boost your MS/HS curriculum with the ultimate package of secondary-level content.

Help teens learn complex concepts in the medium they most prefer.

Supplement middle and high school level texts.

Reinforce standards-based critical-thinking & problem-solving skills.

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“…could easily fit into the instructional plan of higher level or AP high school programs…high-quality…”—School Library Journal”

Help Students Stand Out to Colleges and Boost GPA

AP- and honors-level courses help students stand out to colleges and boost GPA. But classes are challenging and the exams are difficult. Students gravitate to video, and this medium is especially effective to explain complex ideas and introduce concepts that are studied in these classes.

Multisubject Content That Supports All Departments

ELL / ESL and World Languages

Science & Health


Civics & Government

Literature & Language Arts

Career & Vocational Guidance

Financial Literacy & Math

Visual & Performing Arts

Life Skills / Character Development

Geography & Culture

Engineering & Technology

World Cinema

Instruction-Friendly Features

Shareable playlists

Closed captions

Interactive transcripts

In-video quiz feature

Customizable homepage

Upload your own content

Add YouTube Videos 
& Web Channels

Robust suppression capabilities

Google Translate

Add personalized video introductions

Support Self-Directed Learning

High school students are expected to take on increasing responsibility for their learning, with more assignments that require independent research and wider application of class lessons. Self-directed learning has been associated with better academic performance and generally a greater learning achievement.

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