Films On Demand: Archival Films & Newsreels Collection

Films On Demand: Archival Films & Newsreels Collection






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A rare view of what rush hour in London looked like in 1897. The dramatic and suspenseful newsreel announcing the crash of the Hindenburg zeppelin. President Ronald Reagan’s challenging speech at the Brandenburg Gate. Throughout modern history, cameras have recorded public events, wars, cultural phenomena, and government programs. This collection is a treasure trove of archival and historical films from multiple sources.

  • The Prelinger Archives – a collection of films relating to U.S. cultural and social history and the evolution of everyday life in America.
  • The WPA Film Library – more than 2,800 clips and newsreels from the late 1800s onward.
  • The United Newsreel collection – the series of newsreels produced by the U.S. Office of War Information during World War II.
  • The Universal Newsreel collection – a series of seven- to 10-minute newsreels produced by Universal Studios that were released twice per week between 1929 and 1967.
  • Recordings from the National Archives and Records Administration of historic speeches and events.

  • Conveniently segmented for lecture and in-class use
  • Unlimited access from any location—on campus or off
  • High-interest videos of historical and cultural importance, dating from before World War I to today
  • Custom Content Upload Option
  • Captions, interactive transcripts, citations, Google Translate, and more
  • New videos added at no additional cost
  • Easily embed videos into Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, or other CMS
  • Tablet, mobile, PC & Mac friendly
  • Limited performance rights in educational settings
  • Create and share personalized playlists using segments from multiple videos
  • Add a personalized video introduction to any playlist you create
  • Keyword tags for all content, linking to related material

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