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Streamable Learning

Interactive Virtual Field Trips for Your K–12 Students

K-12 Schools & Districts

About This Product

Live and Interactive Virtual Field Trips for Your K–12 Students

Streamable Learning Makes Virtual Field Trips Fun, Easy, Affordable, and Interactive for ALL Students 

Open your classrooms to an endless world of interactive, educational livestreams that equitably connect districts and schools to subject-matter experts and organizations from around the world.

Whether your classroom is in-person, fully remote, or hybrid, Streamable Learning provides standards-aligned, curriculum-focused experiences that help students connect what they learn in class with what is happening out in the world. An excellent source of supplemental curriculum, Streamable Learning’s programs are easy to discover, book, and attend.

Enhance Your Curriculum with Interactive Livestreams

Streamable Learning gives you access to hundreds of programs per year, plus it is the only live and interactive streaming service on the market today that also offers an extensive library of past recordings—more than 1,000! Each event is sourced from educational institutions from around the world and delivered by subject-matter experts. Plus, classrooms can directly interact with subject-matter experts through live chats! 

With Streamable Learning, you can provide equal access to live events across your school or district, creating a seamlessly interactive and engaging learning experience.

Streamable Learning allows you to:

  • Create equitable opportunities for life experiences across the classroom.
  • Improve student outcomes and benefits.
  • Build stronger communities through standard-aligned edutainment.
  • Promote knowledge transfer through observation, interaction, and narrative.
  • Reinforce cultural growth and personal development.
  • Inspire lifelong learning.
  • Explore careers and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Easy to Adopt, Easy to Use

  • Browse: Discover our engaging livestream calendar of events, or browse our library of on-demand recordings.
  • Book: As a subscriber to our calendar of events, book with one simple click.
  • Attend: Connect through any device with an internet connection. Simply click a link to join.
  • Interact: Chat live with presenters.

These virtual live events create an immersive experience and help administrators and educators:

  • Control expenses
  • Ensure student safety
  • Eliminate complicated logistics
  • Save educator and student time
  • Allow all students to participate equally
  • Allow students who couldn’t attend the livestream to watch the recording
  • Reinforce learning by referencing the recording of an event 

Streamable Learning is accessible via a Learn360 subscription, so educators have one point of access and can pair Learn360 assets with livestreams to create memorable and meaningful learning experiences. Special bundle pricing is available. Learn360 and Streamable Learning are also available separately. Contact us for more info!

Contact us using the form below to learn more about Streamable Learning or to see a demo.

  • Hundreds of interactive livestreams for the K–12 classroom, plus a wealth of recordings of past events, closed captioned and available on demand
  • A diverse community of content partners, including leading zoos, aquariums, museums, artists, authors, and science centers 
  • Subject matter covering all major curriculum areas, including:
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Computer Science
    • Mathematics
    • World Languages
    • The Arts
    • Authors, Literature, and Phonics
    • Careers
    • And more!
  • Supports equitable access, remote learning, global education, experiential learning, blended learning, and project-based learning
  • Annual, all-inclusive subscription
  • Prescheduled calendar of live events
  • Live Q&A, chats, and polling, plus supplemental resources to engage your students
  • Livestreams are 30–40 minutes in length
  • Seamless LTI access from Learn360 into Streamable Learning to browse and book events for your classroom for Learn360 subscribers
  • LMS integration available to Streamable Learning site via LTI
  • Single sign-on available through ClassLink and Clever
  • Aligned to U.S. state and Common Core standards
  • No student data collected
  • Accessible to every teacher on an easy-to-use platform; teachers can share recorded links with students
  • In collaboration with a school or district, live events can be sequenced to directly support your curriculum.