World News Digest: New COVID-19 Content and More

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World News Digest: New COVID-19 Content and More

World News Digest, the go-to resource for context and background on key issues and events in the news, is continuously updated with authoritative news summaries and background articles on the issues that matter today, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 U.S. elections. Here are some new features, recent updates, and current content that have just been added:

  • Our “In the News” ticker at the top of every page brings news articles, media, historical documents, and reference material on the most important news stories today front and center, making them even easier for researchers to find. 
  • A new Landmark Event page brings together all of the World News Digest content on the COVID-19 pandemic—ideal for researchers who are following the coronavirus and the government responses to it worldwide.
  • World News Digest has dozens of News Media Roundups on COVID-19 dating back to the start of the outbreak in China, compiling crucial real-time resources on breaking developments in the pandemic.
  • Two new primary source documents provide transcripts and videos of coronavirus-related speeches by President Donald Trump and Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Researchers can track the virus with World News Digest’s Research Feature “Guide to the COVID-19 Pandemic,” which includes infographics and timelines spotlighting recent coronavirus data and the biggest events of the pandemic so far.
  • The 2020 Elections Guide has been updated to include Bernie Sanders’s exit from the presidential race, and the major endorsements of Joe Biden by Sanders, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and others.

Plus, ICYMI: check out the new overview video for a visual explanation of how World News Digest works:


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