World News Digest: Brand-New Video Feature Coming Soon!

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World News Digest: Brand-New Video Feature Coming Soon!

World News Digest will be relaunching for back-to-school, and one of the many highlights will be the addition of a brand-new video feature! For the first time, users will have easy access to extensive historical video footage—from the 1940s through the 2010s—never before contained in the database, bringing decades of key historic events to life.

Users will find hundreds of historical videos in one convenient location, filterable by decade. Each title is hyperlinked to the actual video, many with searchable transcripts. Four Featured Videos are called out at the top of the landing page for inspiration on timely topics.

Here is a selection of the wealth of video resources:

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Delivers His “Day of Infamy” Speech, 1941
  • Start of the Nuremberg Trials Parts I, II, and III, 1945
  • Senators Attend Hearings on Censure Charges Against Senator Joseph McCarthy, 1954
  • Apartheid in South Africa, 1955
  • Riots at the Berlin Wall, 1963
  • Moon Landing, 1969
  • This Day in History: August 8, 1974—Nixon Announces Resignation
  • UN Hearings on the Iranian Hostage Crisis, 1979
  • People Give Their Opinion on Abortion ca. 1985
  • Iran-Contra Hearings Opening Parts I and II, 1987
  • S. Military Attacks Iraqi Targets in Operation Desert Storm, 1991
  • George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton Spar During Presidential Campaign, 1992
  • Hillary Clinton Speaks on 9/11, 2001
  • Hurricane Katrina, 2005
  • Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Debate, 2012
  • Great Speeches, Volume 30: Michelle Obama, Seth Rogen, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Mike Pence.

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