Today’s Science: 2017 Year in Review—Updates and More

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Today’s Science: 2017 Year in Review—Updates and More

Today’s Science has been updated and enhanced throughout the past year, increasing the educational value of this award-winning resource.

Recent Updates and Additions:

  • Articles: Added 123 new articles, with more than 400 revised and updated.
  • Hyperlinks: Added 3,000+ new glossary links, 1,000+ encyclopedia links, and 1,200+ new article links.
  • Glossary of key terms: Added more than 500 new terms.
  • Images and captions: Added more than 2,140 new images with captions.
  • Journal abstracts and bibliography: Added more than 1,300 new citations.
  • Discussion questions: Added more than 360 new questions.
  • Conversations with Scientists: Added 56 new Q&As with today’s leading scientists.
  • Crossword puzzles: Added more than 25 new puzzles.
  • Cartoons: Added three new cartoons.
  • Videos: Added dozens of new videos, including 16 Inside Science videos.
  • Authoritative sources: Added more than 70 new sources.

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