The World Almanac® for Kids: New Module—Money Matters

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The World Almanac® for Kids: New Module—Money Matters

Financial literacy and money management are a growing part of the school curriculum as more schools seek to address life skills and personal growth. To help schools fulfill that goal, The World Almanac® for Kids now features a Money Matters module that gives students and educators a solid resource for understanding the basics of banking, investing, earning and spending money, sustainable living, and more. Each section includes an introduction to the topic, a chapter called “Here’s What You Need to Remember” with bulleted takeaways, and a glossary.

Topics covered in Money Matters include:

  • Banking Basics: Chapters include “What Is a Bank?”, “What Is Money?”, “Checking Accounts,” “Opening a Savings Account,” “Bank Loans,” “What Is Interest?”, and more.
  • Earning Money: Jobs: Chapters include “Finding the Right Job for You,” “Applying for a Job,” “Preparing for Your Interview,” “On-the-Job Questions,” “How to Impress Your Boss,” and more.
  • Spending Money: Chapters include “Be a Wise Spender,” “Smart Spending Tips,” “Making a Budget,” “The Good and Bad of Credit,” “Why We Give to Charity,” and more.
  • Cost of Living & Sustainable Living: Chapters include “What Do You Need to Live?”, “Out on Your Own,” “Taking Care of Yourself,” “The Effects of Unsustainable Living,” and more.
  • Understanding Credit: Chapters include “What Is Credit?”, “Different Kinds of Borrowing,” “Managing Your Credit,” “Good Credit Matters,” and more.
  • Planning for Your Education: Chapters include “Is College Right for You?”, “Getting Ready for College,” “Paying for Your Education,” “Understanding Financial Aid,” and more.
  • Money & Relationships: Chapters include “Interacting with Money,” “Talking to Your Parents about Money,” “You Are Not Your Money,” “The Real Importance of Money,” and more.
  • Entrepreneurship: Chapters include “What Is an Entrepreneur?”, “Ideas for Teen Entrepreneurs,” “Getting Started,” “Ways to Grow Your Business,” “Managing Your Time,” and more.
  • Investing Money: Chapters include “Investing Your Money,” “Understanding Interest,” “What Is the Stock Market?”, “The Stock Market and You,” and more.

The module also includes Fun Facts articles with topics such as “How Did Banks Begin?”, relevant videos such as “The Value of a Personal Budget,” and biographies of entrepreneurs including Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Meg Whitman.

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