The World Almanac®: 2017 Year in Review—Updates and More

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The World Almanac®: 2017 Year in Review—Updates and More

The World Almanac® has been updated and enhanced throughout the past year, increasing the educational value of this award-winning resource.

Recent Updates and Additions:

  • 2017 Year in Review: Includes Top 10 News, Year in Sports, Statistical Spotlight, Offbeat News, Notable Quotes, Obituaries, and much more.
  • 2017 Year in Pictures: Nearly 100 images chronicle 2017, from the White House to North Korea to the #MeToo movement. Year in Review archives now include 12 years and some 1,000 images covering major events in the U.S. and around the world.
  • Obama Presidency: A comprehensive overview of the last administration, one year after President Barack Obama left office.
  • Trump Administration: Personnel and budget information for the administration of the 45th president. Also includes full county-by-county 2016 and 2012 presidential election results. Historical election results include a new collection of electoral maps for every presidential election since 1789.
  • 150 Years of The World Almanac®: A capsule history of the award-winning reference. Also includes predictions for the future from Isaac Asimov made especially for the 1968 centennial edition of The World Almanac®.
  • World at a Glance: Added Historical Anniversaries for 2018 and Milestone Birthdays for 2018, new Number Ones and Top of the World, and more statistical highlights.
  • Nations of the World: Added 200 brand-new articles fully updated with 2017 statistical data and events; 200+ new images.
  • Cities and States: Added brand-new articles with 2017 statistical data on 55 U.S. states and territories and 100 U.S. cities; 150+ new images.
  • Sports: All major professional and collegiate sports statistics fully updated with 2017 statistical data and events, including 2017–18 college football season.
  • Newsworthy facts: Added new data on crime rates and terrorism, health insurance and vaccination, the opioid-abuse epidemic, and much more.

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