Science Online: 2017 Year in Review—Updates and More

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Science Online: 2017 Year in Review—Updates and More

Science Online has been updated and enhanced throughout the past year, increasing the educational value of this award-winning resource.

Recent Updates and Additions:

  • Interactive experiments and activities: Added 304 new interactive science experiments and learning objects on such core topics as:
    • Accelerating Motion
    • Acid-Base Titration
    • Addition of Forces
    • Amino Acids
    • Catalysts and Enzymes
    • Cell Division
    • Chromosomal Mutations
    • Cloning of Organisms
    • and many more.
  • Science in the News: Added 24 new Science in the News articles covering such topics as the sixth mass extinction, new evidence of water on the moon, how neurons form memories, the color of skin, and more.
  • Articles: Added original and exclusive content from the following sources:
    • Our Fragile Planet and Biosphere, on such topics as forests, oceans, and polar regions
    • 39 new full-text works from Science Foundations, covering such contemporary topics as the Big Bang, vaccines, heredity, radioactivity, and viruses
    • Natural Resources, covering topics such as energy, forests, and water and atmosphere.
  • Videos, images, and more: Added new videos, images, timeline entries, and updated biographies.

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