Learn about Division with The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary

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Learn about Division with The World Almanac® for Kids Elementary

Math: Division, a new topic area for The World Almanac® for Kids ElementaryThe World Almanac® for Kids Elementary has added Math: Division to its growing list of mathematics topic areas. Joining sections on addition, subtraction, multiplication, geometry, measurement, and time and money, this new topic area can help young students tackle division concepts from different, fun angles. It includes full-color images and charts and is supplemented with Fun Facts articles (such as “Math Magic”), editorially selected videos, a game that reinforces lesson concepts, and several printable handouts.

Sections of the new Math: Division topic area include:

  • Understanding Division, covering “What Is Division?”; “Why Division Is Important”; “Division Terms, Symbols, and More”; and “Connecting Division and Multiplication”
  • Basic Division, including “Models for Solving Basic Division,” “Strategies for Solving Basic Division,” and “Fact Families”
  • One-Digit Divisors, covering “Models for One-Digit Divisors,” “Strategies for One-Digit Divisors,” and “Algorithms for One-Digit Divisors”
  • Two-Digit Divisors, including “Models for Two-Digit Divisors,” “Strategies for Two-Digit Divisors,” and “Algorithms for Two-Digit Divisors”
  • More about Division, covering “Properties of Division,” “Remainders,” and “Checking Division”

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