Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center Relaunched

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Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center Relaunched

The new Ferguson's Career Guidance Center is here!We are delighted to announce the relaunch of the award-winning Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center! The database was rebuilt from the ground up, with a completely new design, tons of updates and new content that speak to the needs of today’s users, new interactive tools and resources, and much more—making it an even more robust and interactive multimedia resource for navigating the world of careers and career exploration.

  • Cleaner, clearer, more visual design
  • Easier, faster access to all core content, with spotlights on high-interest and important areas
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly—get the information you need on the go
  • A wealth of new content, including new content on emerging professions, two all-new financial aid databases, newly expanded proprietary directories of internships and apprenticeships, new advice and how-to articles and resources, new interactive Career Assessment Tools, and much more
  • Enhanced multimedia experience, with videos embedded in Profession profiles and integrated throughout the database
  • More powerful and extensive search
  • Convenient new ways to browse and filter search results
  • Improved video landing page, enabling fast access to all video content in one convenient place
  • Accessibility improvements, including new VPAT, to provide a comfortable user experience for all users
  • New dynamic citations in MLA8 and APA formats
  • New Read Aloud
  • And much more!

For more information, check out our video Q&A with Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center‘s Editor-in-Chief James Chambers, which offers a look behind the scenes of the relaunch—from what inspired the redesign to its key new content and features (including the new fully responsive design, the enhanced multimedia experience, the many enhancements, and James’s personal favorite) to what makes it stand out from the competition.

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