Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center: New and Expanded Internship Content

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Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center: New and Expanded Internship Content

Now often seen as an essential stepping stone on the career path, internships are of very high interest to students looking to test out potential careers, gain real work experience, or get their foot in the door of an industry. It is not uncommon for students to have two or more internships before completing college or landing their first job.

With that in mind, Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center’s Internships section has been updated with all new and expanded content, including 12 articles with advice and information for seeking and applying for an internship and how to make sure an internship benefits your career plan.

The articles include:

  • Internships as a Way to Further Your Career
  • What Kind of Internship Is Right for You?
  • How to Find an Internship
  • Finding a Government Internship
  • 14 Key Traits of a Quality Internship Program
  • Creating a Terrific Résumé and Writing a Snappy Cover Letter
  • How to Find Great References
  • Acing the Internship Interview
  • Finding and Working Successfully with an Internship Mentor
  • 14 Ways to Succeed in an Internship and Increase Your Chances of Being Hired Full-Time
  • What to Do When an Internship Results in a Full-Time Job Offer
  • So You Want to Intern Abroad…

Also included is an up-to-date directory of more than 660 internship opportunities and programs, browsable by 21 industry and career field categories, each of which is filterable by individual industries and interest area. Each record in this directory includes a description of the internship, the organization that offers it, highlights of specific duties and opportunities, and essential information about eligibility, application deadlines and requirements, compensation and perks, and the location or locations of the program.

Users can find this detailed, proprietary new content under “Internships” in the “Launch Your Career” drop-down menu or via the “More Internships” link in the “Launch Your Career” section of the home page.

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