Credo Reference: January Social Media Content for Libraries

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Credo Reference: January Social Media Content for Libraries

At Credo we understand the need for libraries to write interesting social media content to engage your users and raise awareness of valuable resources and services. That’s why we’ve created this monthly blog post with daily social media posts featuring interesting observances, trivia, this-day-in-history, and humor that your library can copy/paste to your own feed with no attribution necessary. Our Topic Pages offer a great way for users to explore background information and context, while gaining familiarity with your Credo platform. 

PS: the images here are all in the public domain (mostly from Pixabay and Wikimedia Commons), so feel free to take advantage of them when you post! 

1 January
This Topic Page on social cognitive theory has some insights into the kinds of goal-setting behavior common in New Year’s resolutions: 

2 January
Learn more about quality of life, and improve the quality of your research, by starting with Topic Pages like this:

3 January
Happy twelvity-eighth birthday to JRR Tolkien!

6 January
Party on Baker Street! Happy Birthday Sherlock Holmes! 

7 January
The first U.S. Presidential Election was held on this day in 1789.

8 January
Happy birthday to the king! Elvis Presley was born on this day in 1935:

9 January
You may be shocked to learn that today is national static electricity day.

10 January
The phrase, Crossing the Rubicon, meaning to take a step that commits one to an irrevocable path, comes from Julius Caesar’s crossing the boundary into Italy this day in 49 BCE and launching the Roman Civil War.

13 January
Topic Pages like this on Newton’s Laws can move research forward when procrastination renders you a body at rest 

14 January
The American Revolutionary War officially ended on this day in 1784 with Congress’s ratification of the Treaty of Paris:

15 January
The first Super Bowl was played on this day in 1967, with the Packers beating the Chiefs 35-10.

16 January
A lot of people these days are talking about oral histories. Learn more about what they are, and how they fit into larger conversations about historical records.

17 January
Happy birthday, Muhammad Ali. The great boxer and activist was born on this day in 1942:

20 January
Learn more about Martin Luther King Jr., one of history’s most inspiring figures:

21 January
This brief history of the glove is something you’ll definitely want to get your hands on! 

22 January
Conducting background research can help you map out your assignment and make your research process more efficient. Topic Pages can get you pointed in the right direction:

23 January
Celebrate National Handwriting Day with this calligraphy Topic Page:

24 January
Happy birthday, Edith Wharton!

27 January
When the pressure is on to find good sources on meteorological instruments, check out our Barometer Topic Page 

28 January
Happy birthday Jackson Pollock, born on this day in 1912!

29 January
Nevermore will your users be confused as to where to start their Edgar Allan Poe research. Today marks the 175th anniversary of the publication of “The Raven”

30 January
Need some scholarly sustenance to fuel your Nutrition research? Try Topic Pages like this:

31 January
This day in 1990 the golden arches appeared in the Soviet Union as the 1st McDonalds opened in Moscow: