Create, Customize, and Combine Courses and Curriculum Efficiently with the Newly Enhanced Infobase Learning Cloud

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Create, Customize, and Combine Courses and Curriculum Efficiently with the Newly Enhanced Infobase Learning Cloud

The updated Authoring Tool provides customers with the requested features and rich enhancements to improve customization and speed of course creation.

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NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Infobase Holdings today reinforces its commitment to improving curriculum efficiency by launching its improved authoring tool, based specifically on customer suggestions and feedback. The Infobase Learning Cloud’s most requested enhancement responds to needs from educators, instructional designers, and professionals leading professional development at their institutions.

Driving Curriculum Efficiency for Student Retention and Educator Professional Development

Driving Curriculum Efficiency for Student Retention and Educator Professional Development

Educators and professionals have long utilized the Infobase Learning Cloud’s agile authoring tool to create relevant courses and curricula that suit the unique needs of their classrooms and learning environments, either to reinforce student retention or to aid in employee onboarding, upskilling, and credentialing. The popular platform allowed owners the flexibility to expand their existing courses by tapping into Infobase’s library of hundreds of on-demand authoritative, accessible courses and modules for learners at any level, as well as accessing thousands of videos and resources created and vetted by a team of experts.

Responding to Educators Needs
Infobase stands behind an 80-year tradition built on trusted, efficiently curated content. With the swift release of the new Authoring Tool, Infobase demonstrates it’s attention to user needs and course creation.  “It was important for us to conduct empathy sessions and focus groups to gain a complete understanding of how our educators, instructors and users create, curate, copy and edit courses,” explains Paul Skordilis, CEO of Infobase.”  “I am proud that the Learning Cloud team could deliver the solution instructors need to perform their jobs effectively and quickly.”

Create Courses More Easily and Effectively

The Infobase Learning Cloud’s new Enhanced Authoring Tool has all of the same and familiar functionality of the custom authoring tool users have grown to love and rely upon, plus a host of new features, including the ability to:

  • Utilize a new and improved design and UX
  • Access support for additional resource file types: xAPI, HTML
  • Copy existing custom courses
  • Add a course thumbnail
  • Add course hours
  • Add categories for Applications, Types, and Platforms
  • Use a new parameter for search and organization: Standards
  • Automatically generate shortened easy URLs for the courses created
  • Add Do It content (which allows students to apply what they’ve learned to their unique set of circumstances) in addition to LearnIts (microlearning segments and full courses)

Learn more about the new Infobase Learning Cloud Authoring Tool

Watch a demonstration of the Infobase Learning Cloud Course Authoring Tool here!

What Is the Infobase Learning Cloud?

The Infobase Learning Cloud offers hundreds of professionally developed courses designed to help all faculty and students succeed, including educators, paraprofessionals, and support staff. Users benefit from self-paced, customizable modules; comprehensive video educational content; and secure digital tools specifically tailored for your institution in a proven LearnIt, ProveIt methodology. This unique and versatile resource includes unlimited access to hundreds of courses covering technology training, instructional strategies, digital literacy, communication skills, and social-emotional learning. Faculty and students can also:

  • Master new skills
  • Reinforce classroom instruction
  • Practice new concepts
  • Prepare for college, internships, and career opportunities
  • Learn new communication and professional skills
  • Review new technology
  • Improve literacy

Alternate packages of the Infobase Learning Cloud are also available for public libraries and professionals.

About Infobase:

Infobase, a Centre Lane Partners portfolio company, is an educational solutions provider facilitating the connection between content, people, and the learning experiences that empower all users to evolve personally and professionally throughout their lives. Infobase delivers award-winning multimedia reference content, online tools and technology, and professional development and training solutions to the school, academic, and public library communities.

Enabled by such well-known brands as Facts On File, Learn360, Credo, The Mailbox®, Films Media Group, Bloom’s, Ferguson’s, and Firsthand, Infobase provides students, educators, librarians, parents, and professionals with a broad range of solutions they need to inspire, enable, and inform lifelong learners. For more than 80 years, Infobase has been a reliable, authoritative resource providing flexible options for accessing educational content whether in school, at the library, or at home. To learn more, visit

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