Ancient and Medieval History: 2017 Year in Review—Updates and More

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Ancient and Medieval History: 2017 Year in Review—Updates and More

Ancient and Medieval History has been updated and enhanced throughout the past year, increasing the educational value of this award-winning resource.

Recent Updates and Additions:

  • Articles: Added more than 380 new entries on world mythology, the Inca, and women in medieval Europe.
  • Maps: Added 50 new proprietary maps and genealogy charts, including:
    • Detailed maps of temple complexes in ancient Egypt
    • Genealogies of the major Roman dynasties
    • Maps showing the migration of people at the end of the Roman Empire
    • Maps of the Inca Empire and pre-Inca civilizations in South America.
  • Primary sources: Added 35 new documents with detailed introductory notes, including excerpts from:
    • The Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh
    • The Persian Cyrus Cylinder
    • The Persian Behistun inscriptions
    • The Nigerian Kano Chronicle
    • The Byzantine Alexiad by the famous princess Anna Comnena
    • The Chinese Book of History (Shujing).
  • Videos: Added 40 new videos from the History Channel, including:
    • A documentary on the 15th-century plague
    • A seven-part series on the engineering accomplishments of ancient civilizations
    • In Search of History episodes on topics ranging from the Great Wall of China to the Celts and the Pyramids of Giza.

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