American History: Topic Centers Expanded

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American History: Topic Centers Expanded

American History‘s Topic Centers have been expanded and reorganized, making the award-winning database an even better starting point for U.S. history research in high-interest, curriculum-related areas. Ten new Topic Centers have been added to the database, bringing the total number of key historical topics covered to an impressive 36. The Topic Centers are now organized into five categories—America at War, Daily Life in America, Decades and Eras, Foreign Affairs and U.S. Government, and Society and Social Issues—for more convenient browsing. The update also features a wealth of new content, including new timelines.

Users can now find Topic Centers on the following subjects in American History:

America at War:

  • Revolutionary War Battles
  • War of 1812
  • U.S.-Mexican War
  • American Civil War
  • Plains Indian Wars
  • Spanish-American War
  • World War I
  • World War II in Europe and the Pacific
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War
  • Persian Gulf War
  • Iraq War
  • Afghanistan War

Daily Life in America:

  • Daily Life in the Colonial and Revolutionary Era
  • Daily Life in the Early National Period
  • Daily Life in the Civil War and Reconstruction Era
  • Daily Life in the Gilded Age
  • Daily Life in the Age of Reform
  • Daily Life in the Roaring Twenties
  • Daily Life in the Great Depression and World War II
  • Daily Life in Postwar America
  • Daily Life in Contemporary America

Decades and Eras:

  • The Twenties: 1920–1929
  • The Thirties: 1930–1939
  • The Forties: 1940–1949
  • The Fifties: 1950–1959
  • The Sixties: 1960–1969
  • The Seventies: 1970–1979
  • The Eighties: 1980–1989
  • The Nineties: 1990–1999
  • The 21st Century: 2000–Present

Foreign Affairs and U.S. Government:

  • New Deal
  • U.S. Government

Society and Social Issues:

  • American Women’s History
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Manifest Destiny

American History’s Topic Centers can be accessed via the right rail of the home page or via the “Browse” drop-down menu. Users can also find them on a new Topic Centers landing page under “Browse Resources.”

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