American History Online: Thousands of New Primary Sources

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American History Online: Thousands of New Primary Sources

Infobase’s latest update to its American History Online database adds more than 5,000 new primary source documents, providing insight and firsthand looks into historical topics from the past several hundred years—perfect for document-based learning and strengthening critical-thinking skills. The new primary sources—ranging in format from letters and speeches to testimony, peace treaties, diary entries, reports, proclamations, and more—add great value by making history more immediate and real. Students and researchers can consult the Curriculum Tools menu for helpful tips on analyzing primary sources and completing a primary source worksheet.

Newly added primary sources include:

  • Donald Trump’s Inaugural Address, 2017
  • Alexander Hamilton’s Report on a National Bank
  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) (excerpts)
  • Article on the U.S. Senate Censure of Joseph McCarthy (excerpt)
  • Proclamation of Refusal to Drink Tea
  • and more.

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