National Hispanic Heritage Month

Unbiased, Engaging, and Effective K–12 Resources for National Hispanic Heritage Month and Beyond

Support and teach Hispanic heritage and culture with unbiased, easy-to-use content you can trust.

From September 15 to October 15 each year, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to celebrate the achievements, histories, traditions and cultural diversity of Hispanic/Latino/Latinx Americans.

Infobase delivers standards-aligned articles, video, activities, lesson plans, primary sources, printables, quizzes, games, eBooks, and more that support and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond for grades K–12 through seamless integrations into your institution’s LMS. Contact us today to learn more.

We have content to provide a greater understanding and appreciation for the strong heritage of America’s important cultures and contributors. Benefits include:

  • Special pricing that allows districts to customize packages to suit their needs; pricing is determined per campus, so all students can utilize the same resources for one fixed price
  • Rich content on Hispanic and Latino history, culture, and heritage
  • Products that create a solid foundation of the historical, social, economic, and political interactions of key cultures within the broader context of United States history
  • Expertly researched, unbiased, trustworthy content
  • A variety of rich primary and secondary source material
  • Assets and tools to help encourage critical-thinking skills
  • Easy integration into any learning management system for seamless use in lessons
  • Use in virtual, in-person, or hybrid courses

Plus, these resources include much more than Hispanic and Latinx history content, making them an extraordinary value and appropriate for use throughout your entire institution.

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These three online products are student-focused, user-friendly, and educator time-savers and are available as a bundle or sold separately.


Vetted, safe, ad-free streaming media from the best producers! This multiple-award-winning product offers a host of instruction-friendly features, such as in-video quizzes, the ability to add a personalized intro to playlists, custom content upload, and more. Look for these titles to celebrate and teach Hispanic history and culture:

  • Emma Tenayuca: Latina Labor Activist (2020)
  • Antonia Pantoja: Grass Roots Organizer and Activist (2021)
  • Zoot Suit Riots (2021)
  • Chicano Arts (2021)
  • The Influence of Spanish Missions (2021)
  • Proud to Be Latino: Food/Comida (2020)
  • Jovita Idar: Voice of the People (2021)
  • History Kids: The Alamo Controversy – Two Sides to History (2021)
  • Famous Hispanic Americans: Famous Americans (2011)
  • 15: A Quinceañera Story series (2017)
  • Plus, bilingual storybooks, such as Chrysanthemum and Crisantemo (Spanish)Noisy Nora and Noisy Nora (Spanish), and Where the Wild Things Are and Where the Wild Things Are (Spanish)

Learn more about Learn360.

And ask us how you can get access to interactive livestream field trips that celebrate Hispanic Heritage, such as the Museum of Fine Arts Boston presents Latin American Art, Tenement Museum presents The 1960s: Meet the Saez Velez Family, and Mexic-Arte Museum presents El Dia de Muertos (in English and Spanish).

American History

American History is a comprehensive resource that spans our nation’s history, with a user-friendly interface and award-winning content—a virtual library of American history for educators, students, and researchers. Hispanic and multicultural content highlights include:
  • Editorially Curated Topic Center on Latino-American History: specially selected content that provides a study guide for Latino-American Studies
  • Primary Sources, many with introductions that provide context and background—perfect for strengthening critical-thinking skills—including: “Resolution to Establish Comisión Femenil Mexicana Nacional, Inc.” and The True History of the Conquest of Mexico (excerpt)
  • Themes in U.S. History: Especially helpful honors and AP-level history courses, this section explores 26 major themes in American history century by century, including Population Trends & Migration, Race Relations, and more
  • Searchable Timelines on Latino-American History, U.S.-Mexican War, Immigration, and more.
Plus, the full texts of these authoritative volumes:
  • Mexicanos: A History of Mexicans in the United States
  • Latino-American History set
  • Hispanic-American Members of Congress in the Civil Rights Era, 1945–1977
  • The Hispanic Americans
  • Latino Writers and Journalists
  • and many others
Learn more about American History.

The World Almanac® for Kids

This award-winning product provides accessible content for ethnic studies and also spans a variety of subjects, making it useful for your entire school. Each of the topic areas provides resources for in-class or at-home projects, homework, reports, and much more. Look for:

  • Latino-American History in the U.S.: Era-focused sections covering the story of native and Latino contributions to the United States, particularly in regions such as the Southwest, Florida, Texas, and California. Includes timelines, glossaries, full-color images and maps, Fun Facts articles, videos, and bullet biographies of key people in Latin-American history.
  • Holidays and Celebrations: Includes Latin American and Caribbean customs and traditions for most holidays
  • Multicultural Biographies: Includes notable contemporary and historic Hispanic and Hispanic Americans such as Isabel Allende, Cesar Chavez, Celia Cruz, Ariana DeBose, Selena Gomez, Dolores Huerta, Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Carlos Santana, Sonia Sotomayor, and others


  • Homework Help tools and more, including study tips; writing and research help; and more.
  • Multicultural America: Covers immigration and a variety of additional important groups.
  • Primary U.S. Sources
  • And much more.

Learn more about The World Almanac® for Kids.

“Entertaining is not a word usually applied to reference works…but for The World Almanac® for Kids…the adjective fits…a reliable resource for homework and projects, and helps kids learn research skills in a safe and trusted content site…Winner of [a] BESSIE for Middle School Database Website…deserves to be in every school library, and should be made available to every teacher and student.” —The ComputED Gazette—

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Walking Through History with Primary Source Documents from Infobase’s History and Religion Databases


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Get easy, instant trial access to Infobase’s products that support Hispanic heritage and history.
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Get easy, instant trial access to Infobase’s products that support Hispanic heritage and history. But Hurry—Ends 10/31/22!