TikTok in the Library: 3-Part Workshop

TikTok in the Library: 3-Part Workshop


Tips and Tricks to Get Your Library Trending

Reach Your Students and Patrons in New Ways

Curious about TikTok? Looking to up your library’s social media game? Join us for this 3-part workshop in which librarian Kelsey Bogan (TikTok @gvhslibrary) will teach you all about how libraries can leverage the incredible power of TikTok for things like advocacy, collection development, community building, instructional tutorials, and more. You’ll also have the opportunity to have all of your TikTok questions answered and learn the practical side of things, such as how to actually make a TikTok! All sessions are free of charge and are 60 minutes. 

Rave Reviews for TikTok in the Library!

“Last week’s TikTok [webinar] was AWESOME! Like mind-blowing wow. Looking forward to the next two webinars.”

  • “I loved the entire presentation!”
  • ‘This gave me a lot of ideas for both my business and my library job…thanks.”
  • “…this was great! Can’t wait to watch the next one.”
  • “Very interesting and fun workshop!”
  • “Great ideas and presentation!”
  • “Very good presentation. Slides were very professional and well-done. Lots of good information in the presentation. Inspiring, even for a librarian who’s been in higher education 30+ years.”

FREE 3-Part Workshop

Leveraging the Power of TikTok for Your Library

Learn about many of the different ways libraries and librarians can leverage the power of TikTok. Using examples from her own TikTok, librarian Kelsey Bogan (TikTok @gvhslibrary) will demonstrate how TikToks can be used for advocacy, collection development, and community building. We’ll also talk about the safety of using TikTok, its powerful impact on the publishing industry, and more. You’ll leave this session inspired to give TikTok a try!

Getting Started with TikTok Basics

In this practical “how to” session, you’ll learn from librarian Kelsey Bogan (TikTok @gvhslibrary) about the basics of the TikTok app and how to create your first simple TikToks. Topics include:

  • searching and using hashtags
  • finding sound clips
  • adding text
  • saving drafts
  • tips for how to make your TikToks successful and engaging.

Next-Level TikTok Skills

In this practical “how to” session, you’ll learn from librarian Kelsey Bogan (TikTok @gvhslibrary) about some of the more advanced video creation and editing capabilities of TikTok, including how to create the awesome and ever popular “book transitions” videos. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any of the burning TikTok questions you still have. Leave this session with everything you need to be ready for TikTok domination!

Modestly boasting a whopping 40,000 TikTok followers, Kelsey is a librarian in Malvern, PA, who loves reading, hates “shushing,” and believes that, yes, audiobooks count as “real reading.” She’s passionate about teaching media literacy and using social media for advocacy and community building. She’s also a professional speaker who presents nationally on topics such as TikTok for librarians, diversity audits, developing diverse collections, and media literacy. Connect with Kelsey on Twitter @kelseybogan, Instagram, and Tiktok @gvhslibrary, or on her popular blog www.dontyoushushme.com!




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