The first year in the classroom can be both terrifying and exciting. First-year teachers have dreamt of standing in the front of their own classrooms and imparting knowledge on the next generation, but that first year is often fraught with obstacles. Presenter Waneta Hebert will share from her own experience of relocating from Ohio to Texas as a first-year teacher and how she not only survived, but thrived in the field of education. Now as an adjunct instructor, she will discuss how to support future teachers as they prepare to embark on their own teaching journeys.

For new and future teachers:

  • Finding and building a support system.
  • Avoiding common first-year mistakes.
  • Owning and learning from mistakes.

For those who support new and future teachers:

  • Being the support system.
  • Deciding when to step in and when to step back.
  • Advocating for new and future teachers.

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About Waneta Hebert:
Waneta Hebert is an instructional designer and lecturer with a Bachelor of Science in Education from Kent State University, a Master of Education from the University of Houston, and she is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education at Sam Houston State University. She started her career as a public-school English teacher before transitioning to higher education. With experience on all sides of instruction—as the designer, the instructor, and the student—Waneta is an expert in course design and instructional technology in K–12 through higher education, online, face-to-face, and nearly everything in between.

What I Wish I Knew: Advice for Emerging Teachers and Those Who Support Them

April 15, 2022 @ 3:00 pm-April 15, 2022 @ 4:00 pm