The concept of “quiet quitting” has taken over our TikTok and Instagram feeds—stories about young professionals rejecting the “grind” and thus not going above and beyond for careers that they now claim do not define them. The impact of COVID-19 on young professionals has been profound, and many are now refusing to let work stress, difficult bosses, and workplace politics rule their lives. Not centering their career has forced many to throw themselves into family, hobbies, and side hustles that are providing more fulfillment.

But this is only half the story: with the rise of remote work during COVID-19 lockdown, the vast majority of Black women professionals refused to return to workplaces that inflicted trauma upon them once offices reopened. Only approximately three percent of Black women returned to work after the COVID-19 lockdown, leading to what we now deem the Great Resignation. People of color have always faced increased demands in a workplace that forces them to “work twice as hard to get just as far.” Many argue that they do not have the option to quiet quit because they still have undue pressure in the workplace, which is often exacerbated by other intersecting identities such as gender and orientation. In fact, professionals of color say they do not have the option of quiet quitting because of extensive micromanagement and institutional cultures that require overachievement for mere recognition. Therefore, employees of color are simply moving on from companies where they do not feel valued to where their well-being is being protected.  

This webinar, led by thought leader Adam A. Smith, will provide business leaders and professionals of all ages with an understanding of the concept of quiet quitting and tools on how to create work environments where all team members do not merely survive, but thrive. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies to engage young professionals in the workplace by creating a purpose-filled work environment.
  • The impact of microaggressions and toxic work culture on the professional and personal well-being of employees of color.
  • How to expect employees to give their all, while rejecting a “hustle culture” mentality.
  • Why professionals of color, especially women, are rejecting quiet quitting and simply quitting.
  • High-impact practices for young professionals to ensure professional growth while not sacrificing themselves, their lives, their well-being. 

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About Adam A. Smith:

Adam A. Smith is a first-generation college graduate who has dedicated his almost three-decade career to ensuring college access and success for all Americans. He currently works at the University of Kentucky as Executive Director of University Academic Advising and has a vibrant public speaking and educational consulting firm, Adam A. Smith & Associates. Smith has led coalitions and innovations that have had a dramatic impact on student success at Metropolitan State University (MN), the University of Alabama, the University of Akron City of Rockford (IL), and Rock Valley College.

Time of webinar is in Eastern Time (ET).

Quiet Quitting: Well-Being, Mindfulness & Privilege

November 15, 2022 @ 3:00 pm-November 15, 2022 @ 4:00 pm