Don't miss Infobase's session at GALILEO: Films On Demand & Credo Reference: Overview Training/Tips & Tricks

GALILEO Annual Conference (Virtual)

Visit Infobase—the home of Films On Demand, Credo Reference, and many other library resources—at our virtual booth for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card!* Plus, check out our resources available to GALILEO libraries that promote essential information literacy, critical thinking, and research skills for lifelong learning.  

Don’t Miss Our Presentation

Films On Demand & Credo Reference: Overview Training/Tips & Tricks

Date: Wednesday, 6/12/24 | Time: 1:00 pm ET

Join us for a guided tour of the Films On Demand and Credo Reference platforms exploring the platform’s content, navigation, and features. Unique tools you will learn about for Films On Demand will include:

  • Creating segments, playlists, and quizzes
  • Our calendar feature that offers films for various national celebrations
  • How to embed Films On Demand content into LibGuides and your LMS

For Credo Reference, you will learn about the Mind Map feature, Advanced Search, and the federated search function.

Bethany GaichYour presenter:

Bethany Gaich is a Strategic Account Manager at Infobase, with a decade of experience in the ed tech industry and five years dedicated to customer success. Bethany excels in nurturing customer relationships and ensuring clients maximize the benefits of their subscriptions. Her deep passion for Infobase’s products drives her commitment to helping clients with their needs, from existing subscriptions to new opportunities. Bethany resides in Syracuse, NY, with her husband and their two dogs.


These are the essential resources available to GALILEO libraries:

Streaming Video 

  • Films On Demand Master Academic Package: A comprehensive, instruction-focused streaming video subscription that offers every student and academic department on campus unlimited access to the most essential video titles for their field of study.
  • Films On Demand Master Career & Technical Education Package: Focuses on career exploration, computer science and IT, technical education, visual and performing arts, fashion, guidance and counseling, trade skills, and hospitality and tourism—an essential resource for any university’s career center or counseling department.
  • Films On Demand Nursing Collections: Professionally curated and organized streaming video collections that help to prepare students for NCLEX by combining coverage of evergreen topics in nursing instruction with the most current concepts and practices in nursing today.
  • Films On Demand Veterinary Collection: Brings a much-needed visual component to veterinary students’ lessons, facilitating learning in often subtle ways textbooks alone cannot. Its titles will help students gain a strong foundation in animal anatomy, physiology, and behavior while learning basic veterinary procedures and an understanding of the workplace.
  • Archival Films & Newsreels: A treasure trove of archival and historical films from sources including the Prelinger Archives, the WPA Film Library, and the National Archives and Records Administration. 
  • Feature Films for Education: Offers hundreds of full-length feature films for educational instructional purposes. Teach with the best that Hollywood has to offer and harness the storytelling power of film as a tool for engaging and inspiring students. Brought to you in partnership with Criterion Pictures USA.

Research Databases 

  • Credo Reference: Academic Core: Begin academic research with the premier reference resource, delivering content, images, and interactive Mind Maps on a simple instruction-friendly platform. Provide citable background information for any topic, teach basic resource evaluation, and encourage exploratory search all in one place. Smart research starts with Credo.
  • Bloom’s Literature: Offers comprehensive coverage of the core authors and works most studied in 100 and 200 literature courses today, along with multicultural classics, contemporary literature, and an extensive Shakespeare Center.
  • Issues & Controversies: Features comprehensive, unbiased, and original pro-con articles on contemporary conflicts in today’s society, helping students understand an issue, assess different perspectives, and reach their own conclusions. Also available for historical topics.
  • Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center: A comprehensive resource for career exploration and planning, helping students assess their career goals and interests, plan their education, learn workplace skills, find apprenticeships and internships, conduct a job search, and more.
  • Polling the Nations: Access 30+ years of polling data, more than 750,000 original polling questions, and results from 18,000+ surveys conducted around the world from 1986 to the present.
  • Today’s Science: Offers the latest scientific breakthroughs and real-world discoveries by leading scientists written in a way that is accessible to all audiences. Science news for the science-curious.
  • World News Digest: Frames events for research and provides critical context and background on key issues and events in the news since 1940 with a vetted, unbiased news archive of more than 350,000 original articles and more designed for student use.

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GALILEO Annual Conference (Virtual)

June 11-June 12