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Understanding Racial Literacy in the U.S.

Resources for Elementary / Middle School-Level Students

Intolerance or prejudice is almost always founded on what is unknown. Younger students may be concerned and confused about racial literacy and the attitude within their communities. Infobase has age-appropriate material to help elementary and middle-school students understand tolerance, equality, fairness, and prejudice. Sign up for a free trial today to see any or all of these resources. For more information, contact us at (800) 322-8755 or


Learn360 is a one-stop streaming media resource with content for all grades and subjects. Here is a selection of content related to racial literacy and character education for elementary grade levels.

Sign up for a free trial to see the following titles in Learn360 that address character development and the history of race and equality in the U.S.:

  • Take Action for Elementary Students series from Makematic
  • Stand Up for Freedom: The Civil Rights Movement in America
  • Equality and Civil Rights Video Quiz
  • Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement
  • Who Will Teach Me About Hate?: The Prejudice Project

The World Almanac® for Kids

In addition to reading about Civil Rights Leaders in the Biographies section, intermediate-level students can learn about Being Fair and Honest in the Character Matters section, which includes articles on:

  • What Is Fairness?
  • What Is Honesty?
  • What Is Prejudice?
  • Situations That Test Honesty and Fairness
  • Building Tolerance
  • Developing Your Character
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