World Geography and Culture Now Offers Expanded Flag Captions

World Geography and Culture Now Offers Expanded Flag Captions

National Flags Explain Symbolism, Colors, and Design of Each Flag

The flag of Egypt, with expanded caption, from the World Geography and Culture database

World Geography and Culture is a comprehensive, authoritative, and easy-to-navigate database offering content, digital tools, and citable resources for the study of countries, cultures, and geography concepts.

The national flags in World Geography and Culture now come with expanded captions that explain the symbolism of the colors and design behind each flag. The design elements of national flags are usually selected to represent aspects of the country’s history, culture, religion, or geography. To discover the meaning behind each flag, students or educators can easily click on the “Color Flag” of each country.

20 New Videos, Including Planet Earth II

20 new videos have also just been added to World Geography and Culture, including the six-volume nature documentary Planet Earth II. Presented by David Attenborough, the landmark series takes the viewer through jungles, deserts, mountains, islands, grasslands, and cities, exploring the unique characteristics of Earth’s most iconic habitats and the extraordinary ways animals survive within them.

Explore New Country and Citable CIA Data, Easily Sharable to Your LMS

Entries on the subjects of geography, people and culture, weather and climate, history, government, and society have been updated for the countries of Belarus, Benin, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, Mongolia, and Nepal.

This release also contains updated CIA country data for 11 categories as well as various updates for the 2020 U.S. election results.

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