New Resources Make Poll Database Even Better for Studying Social Sciences

New Resources Make Poll Database Even Better for Studying Social Sciences

Polling the Nations, Infobase’s critically acclaimed online database of public opinion polls, now features nine informative articles on the origins, mechanics, and importance of polls. These new and original articles examine the history of polls, the variety and different types of polls, and the challenges of polling in the 21st century. 

Geared to educators and students, these articles also explain how to use polls—and Polling the Nations—in the classroom by incorporating them into academic projects, research reports, and verbal presentations. They describe how the database—which features more than 750,000 questions from more than 20,000 polls worldwide going back more than 35 years—can help students prepare for debates, class discussions, and persuasive writing assignments. 

Introduce Polling the Nations to Students and Researchers with These Articles

Polls are primary sources, and knowing how to read and interpret them makes them perfect for teaching and improving critical-thinking skills. These nine new articles are an essential introduction to the database. Both individually and collectively, they show how Polling the Nations is an ideal resource for social studies and social sciences curricula, vital to understanding history, government, political science, economics, civics, current events, and contemporary society.

The nine articles include: 

  • Polls and Polling the Nations: Introduction and Overview
  • History of Polling
  • How to Use Polls in Reports, Discussions, and the Classroom
  • Sources, Purposes, and Types of Polls
  • Mechanics of Polling
  • Questions: The Heart of All Polls
  • Challenges of Polling in the Twenty-First Century
  • Twenty Questions a Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results
  • Books, Articles, and Other Resources About Polling

Users can find the new Instructional Resources section by going to the top-left drop-down menu and clicking on “Instructional Resources.”

Screenshot of Polling the Nations' Instructional Resources

What Is Polling the Nations

A must-have database for any school or educational institution, Polling the Nations brings together thousands of polls going back more than a third of a century, giving students the tools they need to investigate, analyze, and think critically about the important challenges facing the world. Aggregated from more than 1,000 sources, the polls feature 750,000+ poll questions covering hundreds of breaking-news events and thousands of topics. 

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