New Immigration History Content in The World Almanac® for Kids

New Immigration History Content in The World Almanac® for Kids

We’ve expanded The World Almanac® for Kids’ ethnic studies offerings by adding an important new topic: Multicultural America. This topic includes in-depth histories, events, and data on different American cultures, with an introduction on immigration in America, past and present. The groups covered include several who tend to be underrepresented in traditional immigration histories.

Multicultural America covers the following groups: 

  • Chinese Americans
  • Filipino Americans
  • Indian Americans
  • Jamaican Americans
  • Japanese Americans
  • Jewish Americans
  • Korean Americans
  • Vietnamese Americans. 

Multicultural America is supplemented with Fun Facts and editorially selected videos, as well as links to biographies of different prominent Americans from these culture groups, including Kamala Harris, Colin Powell, Ang Lee, Yo Yo Ma, Bob Marley, Sandra Oh, and more.

This new topic joins several others in The World Almanac® for Kids that provide much-needed resources for ethnic studies classes and research, including:

  • Latino-American History in the U.S.
  • Native American Life
  • Multicultural biographies highlighting notable Black Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans.

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