Learn About African-American History with The World Almanac® for Kids

Learn About African-American History with The World Almanac® for Kids

The multicultural offerings found in The World Almanac® for Kids have been expanded even further with a new topic: African-American History. This topic includes in-depth histories, events, and data on African-American history and culture, highlighting major historic events and cultural leaders, from the start of America to today. Students will also find Fun Facts articles (including “African Americans in the Revolutionary War” and more), selected videos, and links to editorially curated biographies of prominent African Americans in politics, entertainment, sports, and popular culture.

African-American History covers the following subjects:

  • Forced Migration
  • The Harsh Conditions of Slavery
  • Seeking Freedom
  • Discrimination North and South
  • Voluntary Migration to the U.S. 
  • Black Americans Today

Black Americans Today section of the new African-American History topic in The World Almanac® for Kids

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African-American History joins several other topics in The World Almanac® for Kids that provide much-needed resources for ethnic studies classes and research, including:

  • Multicultural America
  • Latino-American History in the U.S.
  • Native American Life
  • Multicultural biographies highlighting notable Black Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans.

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